Product Line

The VELAFACIL products line is recommendable in the manufacturing of glass veladoras.
We have four products to give our clients flexibility in their inclusion , depending on the characteristics of the other ingredients that are used in the production of their veladoras .
In some cases we seek to provide softness and in others hardness. In both, we seek not to affect the burning velocity and to avoid smoke.
Defining which is the more adequate for your operation depends on your raw material.

Characteristics about our products:

  • Food grade
  • Good burn and shine
  • Doesn’t produce smoke
  • Improves integration between color and scents
  • Very white color
  • 2 presentations : scaled and liquid.
  • Brighter finished product

Specially design for improving the base mixture in the production of candles.

We invite you to try our products and improve yours.

Our 4 products are:

  • Velafacil Extra-Soft

  • Velafacil Soft

  • Velafacil Medium Soft

  • Velafacil Hard

In some cases you could be looking for hardness or softness. In both cases, this products wont affect burning speed or produce smoke.

Contact us to help you define which product is best for your operation.


25 kg Scale Package

  • For low volume orders.
  • Scaled packages of 25 kgs.
  • Scales facilitate handling.

Liquid presentation

  • Pipes of 16 o 32 TM
  • Ideal for wholesale
  • Stored in temperatures up to 70ºC
  • Long useful life
  • We have a specialized laboratory and controlled processes that allow us to ensure that the product is always maintained with the same physical chemical characteristics, which results in the benefit of the user as it avoids having to constantly modify its formulas.